The truth is that there is an overwhelming outburst of popularity of social media, SEO as well as mobile marketing. This may get you thinking that email marketing is slowly fading out of our scopes and you’d be most certainly wrong to do so. Email marketing is not only alive and kicking, but it’s also arguably amongst the most rewarding means of online marketing. In order to shed some light over the aforementioned, here are a few things that you might want to take into account.


  1. It’s targeted

The truth is that this type of marketing solves all sorts of inherent issues of marketing that’s not targeted. You are provided with the chance of controlling the exact audience which is going to take a peek at the digital envelope. You can differentiate based on location, demographics, lead status and whatnot – everything is possible now. It’s also particularly easy to customise your messages for each separate customer which is capable of fostering a significantly higher conversion rate.

  1. Email Marketing Promotes Brand Awareness

Every single email that you send out is going to expose your brand and business to your customers. If you implement proper strategic planning as well as targeted content and smart designs, your enterprise is going to be building on value constantly. What is more, you are going to be in touch with your audience throughout all the time, and when a customer needs a service, your enterprise stands a greater chance of converting that lead into a client and that client into a loyal one.

  1. It’s Shareable

Believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of other forms of digital marketing or conventional marketing, for that matter, which are as easy to share as email marketing. Your subscribers can easily share all of your deals, news, offers, promotions and whatnot with a simple click of the forward button. And, the best thing is that anytime a subscriber does that, your business gets more credibility and exposure.

  1. You can Measure Success

Every single campaign requires analytics. However, there are quite a few different marketing plans which are going to present you with ambiguous reports and metrics, to say the least. Email marketing results are particularly easy to measure which is going to provide you with the chance of adjusting the campaign.

  1. It is Cost Effective

This is likely to be the best advantage of email marketing – the return on your investment. The expenses are particularly inconsiderable, and as stated by the Direct Marketing Association, you get about 40 times the return on your investment which is absolutely outstanding, heavily outperforming other types of marketing.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that email marketing is not only alive – it’s also a must if you want to increase your exposure, sales, and credibility. With a comparatively small investment, you would be capable of reaping great results which are unseen for other forms of digital marketing. That’s why you should thoroughly consider it if you haven’t already.