5 Myths about Adobe Creative Cloud

For those that are not conversant with adobe creative Cloud, they are still misconceptions and things they do not understand. There are always myths they are trying to unravel.

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  1. To Run Creative Cloud Apps You Do Not Need Internet

You do not need internet round the clock to run your Creative Cloud Apps. The only thing that you have to use the internet for is when you use Adobe as adobe creative cloud installer or installing, licensing the software and verifying your membership every month but that is all you need the internet for. This is because the Creative Cloud Apps are designed in a way that you can install and run them on your computer every day without being connected to the internet.

  1. You Do Not Need A Web Browser to Run Your Applications  

Just because these are apps and you need a computer to run them, this does not mean that you need a web browser. You have probably used other clouds and you needed a web browser to run the apps. Just like Adobe customers do, you can download and install your apps the same way when you are a Creative Cloud member. Whether you are using Illustrator, Muse, Photoshop or InDesign, web browser is not necessary. All this is because the apps do not run from cloud but rather from your hard drive where you download them to. Moreover, adobe photoshop creative cloud is a great tool that helps you to combine images to make incredible artwork.

  1. You Do Not Need the Latest Versions of the Software with Creative Cloud

Another notion that many have is that you must use the latest version of the software as long as you are a Creative Cloud member. Well this is not the case although you can access the newest Adobe Creative Applications with Adobe Creative Cloud. If you wish to use the latest version of the software, you can upgrade it anytime. There are archived versions of desktop apps that are only accessible to the paid members of Creative Cloud.

  1. You Can’t Share Files with Non-Creative Cloud Members

This is not true, since you can share your files from Creative.adobe.com and you can access the same files when you are offline as long as the files are in your Creative Cloud folder. You have 20GBs of storage the moment that you become a member of Creative Cloud. When sharing with other people, the beauty of it is they don’t have to create any kind of an account. All you have to do is send them a link which they can open on their devices. The storage that you can with Creative Cloud membership can be used to sync the files that you created with various devices. Once synced, you can access them through Touch Apps.

  1. Adobe Takes Ownership Of Your Files

This is another misconception, and even when you stop your membership, you will still access the files. The only things you will not access are the Creative Cloud applications.

Not being able to share files with non-Creative Cloud members and the fact that you need the internet to access your applications are just myths since this is no true.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Myths you should know. It’ crucial for workflows with customers or vendors that do not have the latest versions of the software.