Productivity is also seasonal. The end of the year is a critical stage for this seasonality, and the trend is for many companies to see a drop in productivity this season.

Many managers have the belief that this drop in productivity is natural and inevitable, however there are steps to be taken to dodge this unwanted phenomenon. Fridays are proof that productivity downgrading is workable.

Friday is the day of the week protagonist of another face of productive seasonality. Many companies have their own policies to dodge demotivation and drop productivity at the end of the week. Some of them are: encouraging happy hours, relaxing working hours, or conducting internal events. And, depending on the company culture, they are very effective at maintaining productivity throughout the week.

There are also effective measures to avoid falling productivity and motivation at the end of the year.

In this article we list what they are. Continue reading and find out how to use the holidays for the organization. In addition, the company will also be promoting the well-being of employees.


1 – Encourage Mutual Invitations to the Holiday Season

Not everyone makes plans for the holidays. In addition, many people reside in cities far from their families, and do not travel at this time of year.

One way to promote relationships and the sense of community in your company is to encourage employees to celebrate Christmas and New Year together.

You can, for example, put pictures on the walls so people can put their names on invitations. And those who are willing to invite, will take care of the rest.

If placing frames is not in the best interest of your company’s culture, simply create campaigns by encouraging mutual invitations and organizing parties together.

This practice will be a novelty in the routine of the company, and will benefit the work environment.


2- Surprise Employees / Co-Workers

A common organizational practice is to deliver gifts or souvenirs to employees at the end of the year. It is an end marketing practice that aims to increase employees’ satisfaction with the company.

The problem is that this is the sole purpose of this practice. But there are other ways that, in addition to increasing employee and colleague satisfaction, still increase engagement and productivity.

An alternative is, for example, instead of delivering a single gift or reward, deliver several during the week preceding Christmas. The cost may be equal to or slightly higher than the present one.

With this measure, the employees will be more enthusiastic throughout the week, because they will receive memories in several days. In addition, the satisfaction will be extended for longer than if the employees received only a gift. Studies of behavioral psychology have shown that engagement is more intense after gaining several rewards than receiving only one.


3 – Promote Workshops on the Meaning of The New Year

A great option is to hold cooperative groups or workshops for employees to understand the meaning of the New Year for their lives.

In our culture, the New Year refers to new opportunities, opportunities for change and renewal. People tend to pursue this meaning, however, often do not know how to act to effect the changes they desire for their lives.

Conducting collaborative therapeutic groups at the end and beginning of the year can help employees achieve the changes and developments they seek. These groups or workshops should aim to promote self-knowledge, which is essential to understand where the desired changes to 2017 should begin.


4 – Conduct Informal Feedback Sessions

Enjoy year-end relaxation and conduct informal feedback sessions.

In these sessions the instruction should be to speak something positive about the other colleagues publicly. This will increase one’s morale, and will impact motivation and productivity.

In addition, at another point in the session, each can talk about a skill and competence he or she wants to improve next year, and get the encouragement and support of peers to develop it – support during the feedback session and throughout Year.

To conclude, you can give a space for each to thank a colleague about some event or help he received, which was remarkable and significant in the past year.

This will promote interpersonal relationships and will be an opportunity to generate empathy and trust among employees.


5 – Flex the Schedules More

The end of the year brings different feelings and needs to people.

They feel more tired for the year that has passed, more excited for the year to come and close ties with family and friends.

Flex the schedules this year to meet the personal needs of employees. It is an opportunity to relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated at the end of the year, and to come back even more refreshed next year.

A good option is also to relax the lunch time, so that the end of year feeling favors the integration among the people of your company. This will promote relationships and pass on benefits to the teams in your organization.


Follow These Tips And Get Productivity For Your Company By The End Of The Year!

It should be noted that these measures are mainly aimed at promoting quality of life at work and well-being, which are conditions to favor productivity and motivation at work.

Therefore, measures similar to those listed in this text can be planned and implemented throughout the year, in order to promote well-being, quality of life and productivity.

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