There are two types of people in this world: those who love to drink water throughout the day, and those who really need to make an effort to be hydrated. If you are of the latter, it is very important that you know the great amount of benefits that water could have on you, such as improving your skin, your digestion or even slowing down your anxiety. However, we know that this is a very difficult habit to acquire.

Our tip: Turn this habit into something entertaining, so that you stay motivated and drink water all day.

Keep going down to learn these six simple tricks that will help you to be super hydrated!!

  1. A Nice Bottle

Surely, you have noticed that when you dress better for the gym, you exercise easier. Well, the water is the same. Buy yourself a nice bottle that encourages you to carry your water everywhere.

2.     A Natural Taste

Make your own flavoured water by adding pieces of fruit or natural herbs, (this will also help make it look more appetizing).

3.     A Game

Make up a game to help you drink more water. For example for every email you get you must take five sips, or whatever, you make up the rules.

4.     A Snack

To slow down your appetite and calm your anxiety, take a glass of water before each meal. Many times your body confuses thirst with hunger, so if you give it what you really need you will not have to overeat.

5.    A Large Bottle

Many times, they recommend taking at least eight glasses of water a day. However, if these glasses are small this advice will not serve you at all. Try to make sure your water bottle is large, so that it costs you less to take the 2 litres you need daily.

6.    A Reminder

There are applications like Waterlogged or Carbdroid that stimulate the consumption of water during the day through reminders. Take the test and lower them!