While every woman has different tastes in men, studies reveal that there are certain traits that women will find most attractive in men. The following list of 10 traits is all of the components necessary to make yourself the sexiest possible version of yourself who appeals to the opposite sex. Let’s begin!

Facial Hair – Some, but not too much!

Ladies love a little bit of facial hair. Studies indicate that women find 10-day stubble the most attractive while a clean-shaven face was the least popular choice. This stems back to puberty and what it signals to a woman. A full beard of hair is indicative of an older man whereas a clean face is the vision of boyhood. When you sport just the right amount of stubble, you are communicating that you are a primed stud ready to find a mate.

Beer and Meat wins over Wine and Vegetables

Studies performed on female preferences concluded that women do not like vegetarian men. A man who drinks beer and eats the standard meat and potatoes is apparently more appealing than a wine drinking vegetarian.

Split the chores and help out

Women find a man exceedingly sexually attractive when he is willing to help with housework and chores. Studies conclude that among married couples, sharing this burden results in a better sex life.

Dominance in the Bedroom and Protective in Public

Research concludes that women are drawn to a mature, dominant lover in the bedroom who is also protective of his partner in public. Keep in mind guys that there is a difference between protective and possessive.

Have a Sense of Humour

Women love to laugh, and this has been deemed the most attractive trait in a man. Next up is intelligence and honesty. This is a result of over 200,000 individuals who were surveyed. On the flip side, men indicated that their most desired traits in women were intelligence, looks and then humour.

Being Tall Works to your Advantage

So this isn’t something you can really work on unless you are willing to wear platform shoes. But if you were blessed with height, studies indicate that you are more appealing to the opposite sex than your shorter male counterparts.

Be Faithful and Dependable

One thousand women were surveyed and indicated that even with all physical characteristics considered, being faithful and dependable came out on top for the most desirable characteristics in a man. Being a good guy actually, does have perks.