According to Bloomberg, Apple is going to work in a way that it will allow developers to create apps that will be able to work with touchscreen input on both the iPhone and iPad. Also, developer will also be able to work with mouse and trackpad on Mac devices and this will be executed in the coming year.

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This integrated system will connect the development environments with all the major Apple computing platforms including iOS and macOS and will allow them to create a single app for targeting all the devices rather than developing separate app for each device.

Bloomberg’s sources also notified that this unification of apps will be revealed as the major iOS and macOS updates in the upcoming fall 2018. According to “Dubbed Marzipan” the plan might officially release as early as the WWDC 2018 in the coming summer and could be accessible together with the release of iOS 12 later in the year. However, the plan could be changed or cancelled altogether.

In Addition, it’s imprecise if Apple plans to unite the separate Mac and iOS app stores, altogether but it is more important that the versions of the stores which are already running on the iPhones and iPads was reshaped this year, meanwhile the Mac version has not been updated since 2014.

Unifying the app for both iOS and MacOS could also introduce a smart move for Apple. Probably Apple is making the road to build its ARM-based chips for powering its notebook and desktop computers.