Today, Apple has announced that they are finally going to launch their MacOS 10.13.3 HomePod. According to the sources the release date of this device is 9th-February-2018. However, preorders for the HomePod will be taking place soon from this Friday 26-January-2018.

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Also, it has been reported that these smart speakers will be touching the market first at UK, USA and Australia. Later on in the spring month, Apple HomePod will also be available in France and Germany.

macOS 10.13.3

Firstly, the company decided to release MacOS 10.13.3 or its invention before the end of 2017 but again, due to some problems which happened in the mid-December, Apple decided to change the release date.

Since, Apple has missed the holiday season when number of smart speakers sold, but still it’s just a start of the year and Apple’s speaker is already winning against Amazon’s and Google’s inexpensive and small speakers.

The HomePod is a great competitor of Sonos’ high-end wireless speakers. Moreover, Apple didn’t make any changes to the speakers since June and still they contain the same previous function.

The Smart speakers will finally go for sale on this Friday and there are still some major details that we don’t know about. But the key thing is that Apple has designed these speakers in a way that they would better work with Apple music.

Apple has made a clear announcement that they don’t have any plan to support multi-room audio till yet but, might be later this year. However, the feature to coordinate with playback across multiple wireless speakers is something that is the most expected feature. You will have to wait for the update because, a pair of HomePods in the same room will not be accessible in this release.