installer 5 beta download

In the upcoming days, soon the “working UI prototype” beta of the Installer 5 project will be launched. The core objective of this release is to offer an opportunity to test the user experience of the app for the purpose of providing comments and relevant feedback.

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Basically, installer 5 is an expected Cydia alternative that is about to roll out in the next few days as the functional beta version.

installer 5 beta

This functional beta version will provide an ease to its users and will help them to test the early form and provide important feedback about what should come out as a ready app.

Jay freeman, the creator of the Cydia confirmed that he is working on an update that will have all the iOS 11 competences but there is coming something bigger, installer 5 for iOS 11 will beat the updated Cydia market.

Installer 5 for iOS 11

Right now, freeman is enough far with the Cydia update therefore, the practicality of the installer 5 for iOS 11 is still uncertain however, if the program gets its features public before Cydia then it will save a lot of time and efforts of the users to jailbreak an iOS 11 which is the most important consideration at this point in time.

Additionally, it has been also announced that installer 5 has been developed in separate parts and according to Dennis Bednarz;

The UI and the actual black magic code in #installer5 are developed separately for now so developers can optimize their time and so designers can do the same. We will have a working UI “prototype “in the coming days where people will be able to install a dummy app to test the UX”.

Installer 5 Release Date

Currently, there’s nothing confirmed about the specific release date however, the website of the installer 5 assured that the app will be coming soon to jailbreak iOS