Bitcoin price rise

Bitcoin Price Rises By More than 25%

We all know that the world of cryptocurrency is unpredictable and an epitome of this fact is the huge price crash which made bitcoin loses its value in just few days.

The latest update about bitcoin’s is that starting just last week, bitcoin’s had a major fall in the prices and it fell from $10,000 to $6000 in just four days.

Coinbase has reported that there is an increase in bitcoin’s value which is more than 25% last day.

Bitcoin price rise

Currently, bitcoin’s is active at a price of $8,100 indicating that how strange is the bitcoin world.

Bitcoin’s nowadays is under criticism and many countries including South Korea no longer accept bitcoin’s also, some banks are averting account holders to purchase bitcoins through cards.

The government of both United States and United Kingdom had expressed their views to take the same move and they are seriously concerned about the raising popularity of bitcoin among criminals.

Just at the end of 2017, bitcoin were reaching at a rate of $20,000 in December and we cannot predict anything if bitcoin’s  will reach the same price any time soon or may be another price crash is coming in the way that would be indicating the instability of such digital currencies.