Bitcoin just passed $8,000

Here is the most shocking story about bitcoin and surely, after reading this story every reader will be searching about .The virtual currency is now trading at a higher rate of $8,000.


According to some sources, the price (XBT) has rushed more than 735% this year and that’s not enough it has skyrocketed almost 40000% in the past five years.

Currently, Bitcoin is running wildly and yesterday, the Btc to USD shot passed $8000 for the very time in history. Here is a quick glance about what has been doing in the world of bitcoin from the last few weeks.

On 2nd November 2017, the price of btc reached at $7,000 this boost has taken place because the demand before the Segwit2x hard fork was expected to happen few days ago.

Moreover, it was also expected that anyone who will held a exchange rate prior to the fork would get an amount equal to the forked coin.

On November 10th, the ford hard canceled and the price plunged down to $5,800 because people moved their money back into other cryptocurrencies. This sudden price drop brought some very strange movement in the price of bitcoin cash and transformed it into the most valuable coin.

Keep in mind that bitcoin already has crossed $8,000 but that price point wasn’t stable and it again dropped back to $7900, a couple of days ago.

However, this year seems to be a remarkable year for the success of mining as the cryptocurrency which has increased its price up to 700% and it started from $1000, earlier this year.

Right now, it’s just looking like people are buying and stocking bitcoin and waiting for it that it will reach a good price so that they will sell it.