Can We Make Two or Multiple Envato Market Accounts?

Envato users who are longing to have two envato market account should understand the type accounts available. Many of the users who have reached or create the envato support ticket have been told that they can have as many accounts as they would wish to but there are some concepts one must understand. First, accounts are normally used for ThemeForest themes or for Video hive. There is no single account that can perform a role on both of these platforms so users must create separate Envato accounts for these two platforms.

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Accounts

These are the two types of accounts that people can create on the Envato platform. You neither create two non-exclusive accounts nor can you create two exclusive accounts or envato market premium account. You have to decide the kind of an account you want. The non-exclusive account works best for videohive while the exclusive account works best for ThemeForest. You can also create a brand account where you can be selling products or items of your choice. On the Membership Terms and Conditions of Envato, clause 12, it has not been stated whether people can have multiple accounts envato or not. It has only been stated that people can access or log in your envato account from other sites without any problem as long as they have their user name and passwords.

Termination of Accounts

Envato terms were made very clear that anyone who uses a fake email or identity to register will have his or her account terminated. The same fate will be on to those who violate membership terms. If opening two accounts was a problem, it would have been stated in the terms and conditions. Even using other non-authorised sites to access Envato is not allowed. Envato is not responsible for the success or failure of your business operations so even when you make a lot of accounts, you will not be interrogated as to why you are doing that.

Even though you are able to open multiple accounts, it is not allowed to upload the same piece of content to multiple accounts. This means that when you have several accounts, you would be using them to upload a different kind of content so as to prevent their termination. Despite the fact that multiple accounts seem good to many people, a single account is what gives you maximum exposure to the market. Make sure that every account you open has a valid identity so that it is not regarded as a scam by the management.

The bottom line is that you can have two or more Envato accounts as long as you will keep the required terms and conditions. Every account should be opened with a valid email address, you should upload different content on each of the accounts, and you must make sure that you handle each account actively. You should not share your private account information with any third party so as to avoid any type of fraud. Opening multiple accounts can put you at risk of mismanaging these accounts hence theft can occur anytime if you are not careful for locked out of envato account