Careem has been hacked

Opps! Yes, probably every Careem user is right now facing through a shocking situation just because of this latest update “Careem has been hacked”.

The Careem app, has found a Cyber-attack that involved an illicit access to the Careem system. This wicked hacking practice has resulted the absolutely dreadful results and according to the initial reports “Private data of 14million customers has been theft by hackers”.

In fact, the ride hailing app, shouts to change your password right at this Moment.

It has been reported that several online criminal got access to the app’s computer system on January, 14, 2018. Also, the group of these criminals had completely captured the data of Careem app users and its captains (Drivers).

The Careem officials had claimed that “Customers and captains who have signed up with us since that date are not affected” adding the fact that 14 million users have trapped by the Cyber-attack.

The ride hailing company showed quite openness about discussing this Cyber-attach on their system, but on the other hand, they also said that there were no major evidence of misuse or scam associated to this mishap.

The riding app also made an official statement, assuring the commitment of data security and protection of each customer. The main purpose of this statement was to aware people from this incident and letting customers know about the actions, company is taking to avoid such failures in the future.

In addition, The Company also released an apology to all its customers, stating an apology for the failure that has happened and assuring that in future, they will come up with better yet stronger safety measures and will be appearing as a resilient organization.

Careem also acknowledged that online criminals and their methods are getting more advanced and therefore, its Careem’s duty to meet those standards accordingly.

Types Of Data Stolen

Not to forget, the data that has been stolen is of particular type and you also have to protect such type of data whenever dealing online.

  1. Customer’s name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Trip data.

All these parts of data has been accessed by the hackers. Still, there is no strong information about how much loss has happened because there is no other source to inform about the data breach except the company itself.

However, on the matter of credit card information, Careem has clearly stated that there is no confirmation or evidence that customer’s credit card number has been accessed by the hackers because this sensitive Credit card information is stored on an external third-party server ‘’PCP Compliant server”. Keep in mind, a PCP server uses highly protected protocols, monitored and managed by international banks worldwide for the security of financial information.

Still for some security reason, Careem advised its users, to keep a check on their credit card statements and bank account just to ensure that there is no suspicious activity happened.

Actions that Customers Can Make:

  1. Manage your passwords according by updating your Careem’s also, keep a check on other accounts comprising same details.
  2. Create strong password with multiple characters and don’t use same password for more than one account.
  3. Beware from websites asking your personal information.
  4. Stop clicking unknown emails.
  5. Keep checking your credit card statement and bank account to ensure nothing suspicious has happened. If there is something doubtful, contact your bank immediately.