Marketing Charts recently executed a research which definitively proved that email marketing is still considered to be the most effective tactic when it comes to digital marketing. However, there are quite a lot of obstacles that you would need to overcome in order for this particular method to actually work. This isn’t to say that other options do not face difficulties. In fact, all sorts of marketing are going to be faced with different challenges, and you need to stay on top of current trends in order to be able to act upon the changes as quickly as you can.


  1. Earning New Subscribers

A recent study and report from Campaigner revealed that the biggest challenge amongst email marketers is earning new subscribers in 2016.  Of course, this is an ever-present issue that needs to be addressed properly.

The best solution to overcome this particular challenge is to clearly define the benefits of your product or services to your particular customers. Being well aware of the value that certain proposition gives is going to be crucial for the decision-making process of your customers and it’s going to make the transition and conversion a lot quicker.

  1. Increasing Open Rates

This is yet to be the second most commonly faced challenge amongst email marketers. It was ranked as the number one challenge in 2015 but is now the second one throughout this year. About 26.3% of the questioned marketers stated that this is going to remain an issue for the upcoming years as well.

Now, the solution for increasing the open rates for your emails is to go ahead and write an eye-catching email subject line. This is the thing which is going to make the first impression, and you need to ensure that you’ve nailed it perfectly. Keep this in mind and make sure to handle it accordingly.

  1. Improve the Deliver-ability

The truth is that you might come up with the most compelling email which has an interesting subject line which is eye-catching and tremendously engaging. However, this won’t much matter if the email itself goes straight to the spam folder. Passing the spam filter is always something that’s going to be a burden and a pain.

The solution, however, might not be that hard to implement. You need to make sure that you avoid spam words in your content. A quick search is going to show you the most commonly filtered email lines, and you should avoid using them – it’s as easy as that. Of course, you need to make sure that everything about your content remains engaging and compelling.

These are a few of the challenges that you are likely to run into if you are planning on launching an email marketing campaign. Of course, all of this might sound a lot easier said than done but the truth is that if you manage to implement the necessary solutions, your email marketing campaigns are going to be the most effective tool in your kit. Some people tend to believe that email marketing is slowly fading away. While the challenges are increasing, this is only due to the sophisticated demand and adjusting to that is going to make email marketing more effective than ever.