1. Sit Ups are the Key to a Flat Stomach.

Since sit ups do not burn a lot of calories, they do not burn the fat needed to flatten your stomach. If its abs you want, the key is burning the calories as well as crunches. If you ignore the cardio, all you would be doing is building muscle below layers of fat.

  1. More Gym Time the Better.

Obviously going to the gym is great and healthy but constantly going to the gym, working out for hours every, nonstop will not help you as much as you think. Rest days are crucial. You need to allow your body and muscles recovery time as the recovery process is important for muscle repair. Training every day could cause injury or overtrain. Overtraining will cause your body from improving, so make sure you always schedule a rest day, whether it be every other day for beginners or once/twice a week for extreme gym goers.

  1. Running Is Bad for Your Knees.

Running will not ruin your knees unless something drastic occurs. As a matter of fact, research shows that osteoarthritis in the knees is no more common in older adults who engage in running than in those who do not.

That said, females are up to six times more likely to suffer from a knee injury due to running, when comparing this to males, it is because they may have an imbalance in strength between their quads and hamstrings. Regular strength training at home or in the gym, mainly being strength training of your legs, can be extremely important if you are a runner.

  1. Machines are a Safer way to Exercise.

It may seem like an exercise machine automatically puts your body in the correct position and assists you in doing all the movements correctly, whereas in fact this only true if the machine is properly adjusted for your weight and height.

Unless you have a professional or someone who knows what they are doing adjusts the machine for you, you have just as high injury risk on a machine as you would using free weights or nonmachine workouts.

  1. You Should Not Exercise if You Are Pregnant.

This is a highly debated common misconception of health and fitness that you should not exercise if you are pregnant. In fact, it is perfectly healthy for the woman to exercise. It is even recommended for people going through pregnancy to keep healthy and active. As long as they are not pushing themselves too far and working harder than before.

After reading these are five common misconceptions about health and fitness, it may help with your workout routine, allow you to see the results you are craving and to help stop holding yourself back when pregnant or running.