This is the fact of universe that good and bad coexist. But good things need time to prevail and make place in human hearts but bad thing start suddenly and spread quickly. But it’s very sad and sorry to admit that good things as well as people are being demolished and eradicated within the days even within minutes.

Corruption cannot be finished and eradicated as easily as we people think. Corruption has made its roots so strong and powerful that it will take years and years to get out of country and minds. Corruption doesn’t have its own concrete shape and existence rather it lives in our mind and soul.

Let’s look at the present scenario! Everything is so fast and with this rapid advancement, corruption has also become world’s most popular business. It is a universal problem and world’s most powerful luxury which is making poorer more poor and rascal as scoundrel. In our country corruption is doing a heinous business and it has metastasized the brains and souls and there seems no remedy to cure this disease. Our country which is less productive in all other things but undoubtedly it has achieved unparallel success and fame in business of corruption. It has been mingled in the blood of every corrupt man. Despite of knowing this fact that this heinous business will destroy the poor souls and brings them to death, we are doing this because this seems the cheapest way to eradicate poverty rate of country. Instead of being shameful and repentant, we feel a kind of satisfaction for greedy souls.

Everyone knows that corruption has always been a downfall to every nation and only reason behind this is man’s worst desire to get rich in a night by any means. Man of today is enjoying this heinous business. Shame on us!

Corruption has darkened its existence and it is demolishing the difference of right and wrong among individuals. It is eradicating day by day the pious and moral values of life. It has been so viral among us that there seems no way to live and have luxurious life without this hell corruption. In educational departments where education should be source of awareness and enlightenment but now corruption has also introduced itself there. Schools and colleges have started a kind of business in the name of education where poor people can’t reach to their level.

Corruption seems to be a social disease but the great hand of man lies behind this. It gets birth from one’s soul and mind and then it prevails with no end. If we individually promise to eradicate its roots, it’s decline of corruption. Our social, moral, religious, political and economic corruption can be finished but only by taking revolutionary steps to change our evil minds. If we start to go individually against corruption, it will die itself.