Delete and Clear Your Viewing Netflix History

Netflix is may be your super entertainment source but, leaving behind a viewing history may not be such a good idea for major privacy concerns. However, we are not recommending you to stop using Netflix, but showing you a surprisingly simple way to clear unwanted items from your Netflix history.

Finally, after many years, Netflix has launched the most awaited feature that allows Netflix users to clean up their activity feed so that you will never feel embarrassed again.

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Steps to Remove Your Netflix Viewing History

Before showing you the process of deleting your Netflix history, let us tell you a little annoying fact about this streaming service, you cannot remove your viewing history from Netflix mobile app, to clear your unwanted history items, you have to log onto Netflix via computer browser for removing your recent media list.

Open Netflix in any of your favorite browser

You can open your Netflix on a computer and logon to

Hover Over Your Profile Picture

In case, if a list of different names start appearing just after you login, select your profile. Each profile has a single viewing activity list. If you find there is no list appearing then hover over your profile picture, at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Select Account

Select Account from the settings icon. This will redirect you to, from where you can see a list of your recent media. Please note, after selecting “Account” scroll down and click at “viewing Activity” in your profile section, to see your activity list.

Click the “X” Beside the Show You Want to Hide

When you click at “X” next to the title you want to remove, it will automatically remove from the list. However, it may take 24 hours to be deleted from other devices but usually it disappears much quicker.

Remove Entire Series from Watch History

Click the “X” beside any episode of the series. A message will pop up with a link for “Remove series” click this link and entire series will be clear from your list within 24 hours.