How to install & Use FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2

Here is everything to get Filza jailed IPA download on iOS 11 lets discover how you can install Filza with full root access and without jailbreak. For the people who are still unaware about Filzajailed let us briefly explain that Filzajailed is an iOS file system explorer app that is essentially created with the additional benefit of offering full root access without the need of any jailbroken device.

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  • Why Filzajailed Is Useful?

    Probably, if you are thinking that why Filza File Manager Download is a useful thing to do then here is a solid reason. One of the biggest benefit of downloading it is that it allows users to access and browse root file system without jailbreak. Moreover, recently a developer also reported that he established a barebones file explorer over an iPhone X running iOS 11.1.2. It’s completely a secure and feature-rich version.

    What makes it work with the iOS 11 is its connection with async-wake exploit. Filzajailed utility pairs the async-wake exploit with Filza app and connects it to the iOS 11. Additionally, the original version of this application does not support the iOS jailbreak neither comprises a port for the iOS 11.

    How to Install Filzajailbreak on iOS 11.1.2?

    Step 1

    Start with Cydia impactor utility and in case, if you are not having it on your computer then you may download its latest version online.

    Step 2

    Now, download the IPA file from the above link to the desktop.

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Insert your Apple ID credentials and wait for the verification of details with Apple’s servers.

  • Step 5

    When the installation process gets finish, disconnect your device from your computer.

    Step 6

    Now you are required to Trust the application and for this purpose you can simply go to Setting app > General> Device Management. Watch your Apple email address and tap Trust. Finally, go to your home screen and run Filza App.

    Filza Jailed

This is exactly as easy as we have mentioned above, now you can return back to your home screen and start using  your Filza App. In addition, this file manager is created on a tweak named Filza on Cydia. So, you can also browse the root file system of iOS with complete read/write permissions.You May Also Connect Cydia on iOS 11 Using Filza Jailed Another great news for iPhone users is that now, you can also install Cydia on iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.1 all you need to do is just follow these quick and simple steps. Please note, this method is not useful for every user however

You Might try it

When Filzajailed IPA has installed, Go to the Filza manager

Create a new file called “”.cydia_no_stash“.

Now download the modified async_wake Cydia.ipa file

Install Cydia.ipa file by using cydia impactor

Launch the Cydia app, now your phone will be restarting

Launch the app one more time and enjoy your Cydia app.