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Have you ever tried to find LinkedIn profile by Gmail address? If no then in this blog, we will help you know ways to match users email address with a LinkedIn profile.

If you are new to Rapportive then it’s very important to inform you that Rapportive is one of the most liked Google Chrome Extension, it’s most favorite version of users.

Also, this Google Chrome Extension included a tiny widget in your Gmail sidebar. This widget will help you find the details of email address when you will touch your mouse over it. These details will include current job title, social profiles, contact details and more.

This amazing addition of widget will help you for two situations. First, it will lead you to check the social profile of an unknown sender second, it will help you ensure that you are sending emails to right individuals by allowing you to keep a check on their profile. All you need is just open Gmail compose window, type in email address and touch your mouse to see if your receiver has an associated profile or not.

How to Find LinkdIn Profile via Gmail Sales Navigator


LinkedIn occupied Rapportive and introduced it as Sales Navigator focused on sales professional. However, the original functionality didn’t go anywhere and you can still hover over any email address to view the relevant profile details of your corresponding person.

Eliminate LinkedIn Clutter in Gmail Sidebar

Since regular LinkedIn Sales Navigator is free of cost therefore, it shows some clutter including confusing advertisements in the Gmail sidebar. Below is the screenshot that will help you understand the clutter portion.

LinkdIn Sales Navigator

In case, if you want to use Rapportive that is free from clutter then other CSS injecting Chrome Extensions might help you for this. You can simply inject custom CSS into Gmail website that can hide any details on the page.

To begin this process, start installing user CSS in Chrome and once it’s done open your Gmail website and click at the CSS menu then add CSS code. You can also select other alternatives for this which are StyleBot and User JS CSS.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator outside the Gmail or Google Chrome

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the easiest approach to find the person’s LinkedIn profile associated with a specific email. This is how it works:

As soon as you hover your mouse over an email address inside a Gmail message, An HTTP request to a specific URL will be generating through Chrome Extension. The HTML response of the particular URL will be showed in the Gmail sidebar.

The good thing is that you can also use this URL outside Chrome extension and for that you can add any email address to that URL and get the corresponding LinkedIn profile.

Here is the email format:

You can change with any other email address, open URL in any browser and get the basic LinkedIn profile similar to the one that showed in the Gmail.

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