How to Snapchat camera App issue ios 11 jailbreak

Fix Snapchat And Camera App Issue

If you have troubles running your snapchat camera then here is a quick fix to solve your stock camera app issue. Let’s find out how to run fix snapchat in your iphone without crashing.

Since, Electra jailbreak has been released by Coolstar, a lot of users are jailbreaking their devices and facing issues like device crashing, and even some users also notified that just after jailbreaking their device via Electra Jailbreak they got major issues with their SnapChat camera.

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If you are also being through the same problem or your SnapChat camera is turning black then here is what to look for:

How to Fix SnapChat iOS Camera Issue?

If you have jailbroken your device and want to use your SnapChat app again then follow these steps accordingly:

  1. Open Cydia, find Anemone then download it and apply any theme.
  2. Head to Library/themes and compress all the folder content into one Zip File.
  3. Navigate Cydia, manage your tweaks and uninstall anemone. This will automatically delete all your themes and that’s the reason of compress zip file mentioned above. When your themes got uninstalled, go to Library/Themes and uncompress your Zip file into that manual.
  4. Now open and download Electra B11-3. Extract the linked IPA file from the download and open into Electra B11-3\payload\
  5. Extract the tweaksupport.tar file and then navigate to \Library\SBInject folder of that file and start copying all the anemone files.
  6. Use your iPhone and head to /usr/lib/TweakInject/ and copy all the anemone files into that directory on the device. Respring the device.
  7. Go to Electra B11-3\payload\\anemoneapp and drag to your/ applications folder on your phone.
  8. Now change the local permission for the file to 0775 on the device using Filza. You also have to navigate directory and search for Anemone file. Again change these permissions to 0775. Run uicache and repsring device to finish the process.
How to Fix SnapChat Connection Errors

SnapChat mostly uses high amount of internet data because this app continuously deliver latest information including Messages, Story updates and alerts. Chances are you might often find connectivity errors or you may also encounter with errors for example:

“Could not connect. Please check your connection and try again”.

To fix connectivity issue here are few tips to follow:

  1. First ensure your internet or mobile data is working properly
  2. Restart your Wi-Fi device
  3. Open App Switcher and force close Snapchat
  4. Restart your iOS device.
How to Fix SnapChat Crashing

SnapChat crashing most likely occur when you jailbreak your device using any jailbreak tweaks. In fact, if you noticed that your SnapChat app is crashing when you didn’t jailbreak your device then here are some tips to resolve this issue:

  1. Delete SnapChat app and re-install from App store
  2. Restart your iPhone
  3. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and get the latest iOS version.

We hope this will help you getting back your SnapChat app without further crashing and black screen appear.