Access your Passwords from Anywhere from Google Password Manager

Trying to remember passwords is what we all feel galling about but Google password manager will let you access your password from anywhere by any device. So, from now, you really don’t need to remember your accounts password because this amazing update will let you manage multiple accounts with strong passwords without the stress to remember all of them.

A password manager is usually required when someone is running multiple accounts with strong password and it’s almost impossible to remember all those passwords and that’s exactly when one can rely on a Google password manager.

You no longer need to struggle to recall your passwords because your Chrome browser is already offering you a tempting and useful feature that’s really a savior for all users who are managing more than one accounts.

Google Chrome password manager allows you to save all your login details. This means, whenever you are visiting any website, you can save your password and user name into your password manager and you can access it any day using any device all you need to remember just a single password and that’s of course your Google account password.

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The Smart Lock Service (Google Password Manager)

Smart Lock is a service powered by Google that is specially offered to provide you security and this secure app allows you to store passwords.

Whenever, you sign in into any website using Google Chrome browser, the browser will ask you to save the password for that website. And, as soon as you click yes, all your login details will be saved into password manager and will automatically sync into your Google account. This means you can access your login details from anywhere using any device through your Google account.

What’s more??? This smart lock service does not only save your login details but also let you get free from the login screen. It automatically fills your login details for the websites visited with Chrome.

How to Find Password with Google Password Manager

  1. By means of PC Web Browser

As soon as you logged into your Google account through, you can view all your saved passwords with user IDs. These passwords are hidden by default under the asterisks but you can see them by clicking at the eye icon alongside. Both the password manager and Google Chrome will sync together and you can easily view all your passwords with your web browser.

  1. Chrome Mobile Apps

Password manager can also sync with Chrome mobile apps, which means you can check all your passwords on Android or Apple devices while using your Chrome browser app.

In Addition, please note that anyone who knows your Google account password can easily access all your login details. Therefore, in order to protect your online security, you are required to enable the 2-step verification system in your Google account.

This feature notifies you whenever your Google account is log on with a new device or browser and this account will only be accessed when you click YES from your connected device or phone.