delete google history

Google, the tech giant has finally come up with the new feature that will definitely leave you in shock because it will show you all your past searches you have ever made. So, do remember that delete google history was not the good option for you especially if you are the one who made nothing but loads of naughty searches.

18 years back when Google launched itself, it stored each and every search you made, its scary indeed. And, definitely you don’t want Google to interrupt all your private searches fortunately there is a solution for that. You can delete and clear all your stored Google history now, let’s explore how.

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How to Delete Google History

All your Google history is stored in My Activity page, go to and here you will be able to see everything you searched on Google. Only you can see this information because Google doesn’t public your search history, they just analyze the information to know about trends and ads.

delete google history

To delete search history, click on the upper left hand side of this activity page. Now, click the option “Activity Controls” in the side menu.

delete google history

Now, just click at “Manage Activity” Here you will see all the searches you have made. Also, if you have used Android and Chrome with same account then you can also visit all apps and websites. You can delete all these activities by clicking the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of each individual activity.

If you want to delete everything at once, you can do it by clicking at the three-dot menu appearing on the blue bar. Once you click the blue bar dots, you will be able to see the option “Delete by Activity”


With this option, you can delete Google history. Make sure when you delete your items select “All Time” under “Delete by date”. You can choose “All products” or just choose “Search” in order to delete your Google search history.

In case, if you want to delete your activity for individual services you may follow the same procedure mentioned above but before deleting your search just open the drop down menu. Here, you will be able to remove your search and data for Google services. Here is a full list of services;

  • Ads
  • Android
  • Assistant
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • Developers
  • Express
  • Finance
  • Google+
  • Help
  • Image Search
  • Maps
  • Maps Timeline
  • News
  • Play
  • Play Music
  • Search
  • Shopping

How to Delete Individual Search Items

If you want to delete a particular search without removing your Google history then head back to My Activity page. Also, if you know about the date and time of the search you want to delete, you can find it on the back timeline of this page. In order to enlarge the view you can click at the “X items” under the timed session.  The timeline will show you more results and you just need to scroll down for further results.

If you want to delete the entire timed session, click at the three-dot menu at the top of section then delete. And, if you want to delete the “single entry”, click at the details under the single item now again select the three dot menu and click “delete”.