Keyword Research With SEMRush

SEMrush is competitor analysis tools providing an all-in-all approach for keywords planner, it assembles all the needed keyword research tools at one place. Whether you do PPC or SEO you must do keywords research.

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Another reason to do keywords research is that it is the most cost-effective thing that site owners can do in order to increase their inbound site traffic through search engines.

One of the biggest problem with most websites is that they lack appropriate keyword optimization and the content of such websites creates confusions for the search engines about what they exactly looking for.

If you would fix that issue then surely it is guaranteed that your business will get the required boost that can help you achieve higher ranks in search results.

Perform Keyword Research With SEMRush

For an in-depth keyword research, SEMRush can provide you with number of reports and tools. Let’s have a look how you can perform keyword research with SEMRush.

 Start With General Keywords

This is the very basic step in which you can take start with very basic keywords. This is exactly the phase in which you can identify what you are offering, how would your target audience describe your product, also consider your brand keywords.

Research Keywords In SEMRush

SEMRush is an ultimate choice to search useful body and long-tail keywords. You can also look for all types of keywords information i.e. informational or commercial ones. At SEMRush, you would find an option keyword research click and then type in general keywords from your list.

Once, you are done with this then you’ll receive two reports, one is phrase match report and the other is related keywords report. Phrase match report will assist you about the exact word or phrase you requested whereas, related keyword report will provide a collection of keywords that will be related to your query.

Find Keyword Difficulty 

Knowing keyword difficulty is a very good indicator of competition. SEMRush has a keyword difficulty tool that helps you find which keywords should be targeted and which are difficult to rank for.

The SEMRush keyword difficulty tool will show you which keywords you should focus on. It also shows that how difficult it is to beat your competitors with the specified phrases and search terms.

It will show you the percentages of different keywords of your competition, the higher the percentage, the more you need to make efforts to outrank your competition on each targeted keyword.

Know Your Competitor’s Keywords

SEMRush offers a special tool that is known as domain vs domain. Here, you can write your domain name along with your competitor’s domain name. You will be receiving a list of keywords that you and your competitor have in common. Moreover, this tool will also provide you a list of unique keywords for your product.

Now you can easily place the result driven keywords along with your brand name at the page title. Don’t forget that the suggested length for page title is between 50 to 60 characters.