If you do not know how to get in contact with someone who makes their own music then why do you not just google search DJ’s in your local area to see if there are anyone that matches the style of music you are looking for, or you could even use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to write a post asking everyone if they know anyone who makes their own music, advertisement on social media in the modern day is key and a highly recommended form of marketing yourself or what you are looking for.

Once you have found someone you will have the help and experience to make your own beats to match what you are looking for, this way it will be personalised to you or even just to listen to the music creators hip hop beats. You will need to make sure you let people know what exactly you are looking for, for example, what time of music genre you want. If you put in the time and effort of looking for someone, then you will be able to find someone. If you are looking for new beats for your own music yourself then be ready to have some lyrics at the ready for the producers, this way they know what beat to put with your lyrics.

The internet is a very large place, so have a look on the internet for the type of beats you are looking for. There are some websites out there that have hip hop instrumentals that are copyright free, with these instrumentals you can download them and do whatever you want with the music. You need to keep in mind that if the instrumentals you use, you may not make money off this, unless you pay the person or company that produced the sound as you are using someone else’s music, it is rare that they will be royalty free, but if they are not, make sure you come to an understanding and an agreement with the person or company who originally created it.

If you yourself or know of anyone that are able to use instruments well enough, then why do you not get people together that are able to play and talk about what sound you want, this way you can record your own music. You do not have to have top class technology to record something, you can use a phone to record a sound, once you are done recording the sound that you want you can transfer the sound to a laptop or computer where you can download and use a programme that can tweak and edit your sound, this will not only make it sound better but you could also add different sounds and pitches to the music that you did not have before, sounds that you cannot usually make with an ordinary instrument. Once all edited and put together then you have a hip hop beat you can call your own.