1. What Type of Fashion are You Hunting For?

If you had one-hundred pounds to spend on clothes, are you the type of person who would seek out and find cheap five to ten pound tops to buy or would you go and buy a single, high end top that used your whole budget?

Either option works. Many people find something they really love but they decide against buying it because it is too expensive, this forces their hand to buy many different items that cost less, which you also like less.

 2. Review What You Have.

Many people have a lot of clothes that they either never wear and just gather dust or the clothes have just become too small or outdated.Look at what you have got and ask yourself, do I need this?

Look at what you have got and ask yourself, do I need this?

At this point you would have already decided how you want your wardrobe to look, so start going through everything, having a clear out of what you no longer need, not only would this free up space but if you sell items, it would help increase your budget which you could use to give your wardrobe a makeover or helping you fund that nice top you really want to get yourself.

  3. Search in Places You Would Not Usually Look.

When searching for clothes whilst working with a limited budget, try looking in second-hand shops, charity shops, online or even on shopping channels on the TV. Not only may you find something nice for cheap but you may also find something high end and trendy on a special offer or cheaper than usual because it is second hand.

If the clothes you buy are in good condition and you do not mind buying second-hand clothes, then this could be an extremely worthwhile and viable option for you.

4. Compare Prices Online.

Expanding from the online option. When shopping online you have the whole world at your fingertips without having to move from your own home. Instead of going out to get something you want and buying it in the first place you see, explore the internet and compare the prices with other stores. You may even be able to save twenty pounds on an item of clothing if you look in the right places.

Just remember though, internet shopping can be dangerous as you can overspend, so make sure you do not spend your whole budget on things you never wanted in the first place.

5. Get Yourself a Shopping Buddy.

Now this one may sound a little silly but can massively help. Take someone with you shopping and let them know how much you wish to spend and what you are intending to buy. This way when you go off track and attempt to spend your money on something different or go to overspend, you have someone there to tell you no.