Everybody knows that Instagram is a photo-sharing app with sky-high user engagement level and this is the only reason to navigate yourself through the changing world of Instagram. Because it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with all the new practices in order how to gain and increase your Instagram followers, therefore, we are coming with some more tips to dramatically increase your insta users in 2018.

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10 Smart Ways to increasing instagram Followers

So, without wasting a single second, let’s dive into the New Year with these smart ways to boost your Instagram followers.

  1. Consider At least 11 Hashtags


Since, we have entered in 2018, we have noticed that with the year changed there are certain more strategies which have got changed. It has been noticed that when you use at least 11 hashtags then the engagement level goes high which ultimately help you get more users. Make sure to use hashtags which are completely relevant to your content and channel. Putting all your hashtags at one place is never a good idea instead of that try to add some in the comments sections.

  1. Go for Geotagging

Whenever you post anything just don’t forget to geotag your post because it helps to increase your content visibility. When you post your content with geotagging, all the people who post photos in your region will be able to see your posts on the location’s page.

  1. Post Consistently

Regular posting results higher engagement but make sure not to post everything in one sitting because it may affect your brand. If you will post continuously then your users will take you as a spam. Therefore, post your content after 2 to 3 hours. The best time for posting is typically at 2AM or 5PM.

  1. Rely On Videos

Using GIFS and videos will drastically boost your engagement, in fact, videos has been ranked as the content that offers best ROI. Additionally, this fact has been noted on the observations of 52% marketing professionals.

  1. Use Posts With Faces

According to the researches it has been proved that posts with faces are likely to receive 35% more likes than posts without faces.

  1. Follow People

If you want to grow your business then the most important thing you could do is reach the people who will be interested in your products. Follow the people who are displaying in the “Suggestions for you” section.

According to Instagram, these people are very similar to you and most likely they will follow you back.

  1. Make the Most Of Sundays

Try to post more frequently on Sundays because a very minimum amount of content is posted on Sundays therefore, posting on Sundays will provide you with better visibility for your posts.

  1. Make Use of Bio

Instagram bio actually explains what you do and who you are therefore, adding bio is a must if you really want people to know you. Don’t forget to add necessary information in your bio with a strong CTA.

  1. Advertise Your Insta Account

Promote your Instagram account on your other social media profiles. Shout out loud, tell people what they should expect from you add behind the scene stories, coupons and sneak peeks.

  1. Host a Like-to-Win Contest

A like to win contest is a great way to generate user engagement. All you need to do is post an image and ask people to like it then choose a random winner from the comments. This is a tried and tested approach that actually brings a boost in your number of followers and also gives your brand a drastic customer engagement.