1. Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures can add an atmosphere to the whole room, not just the banquet, it makes it look bigger. Even on the food table, if you scrunch the table cloth, so it looks nice and it looks like there is a lot on the table, but really, it’s only half full. On the chairs/stalls, if you put a slip over them in a pattern that stands out, it will appear to be more than you have.

  1. Using Labels

If you use name labels on all the tables where people are assigned to sit down, these will make the table look bigger as space is getting take up even though the name labels are small it does make such a difference. And you can use the labels to label the food on the tables. You can make them a bit bigger than name labels, it will fill up the food table so it looks like there is a lot going on the table when in truth, there is not much going on at all.

  1. Flowers

For any occasion, you can put flowers on the table or around the room. On the tables where people sit you can have the flowers on a stand and let them dangle down or you can even put the flowers in a bird cage. Flowers are the perfect decoration to top off any table, plus if you put them in the centre of the table they would fill that empty gap that you will have all the plates and cutlery.

  1. Seating Arrangement

If you get the seating arrangement right, then your half way there. Try something different such as having sofas or stalls plus with the seating chairs. Maybe have smaller tables that would go with the stalls.

  1. Other Props

If there are children attending the banquet, then why don’t you have a sweet cart or a sweet table. It does not have to massive, just pick out the old school sweets that everyone loves and put them on the sweet table with little sweet bags.

You could also have a dancefloor put down, I mean who doesn’t like to boogie? You could place it in the centre of the banquet. You can get dancefloors that have flashing lights built into them, white or multi-coloured flashing lights. When having a dancefloor, what is the key thing you need? A DJ! That will top of your banquet. Depending on what type of banquet it is, you can have a small or fairly large DJ stand in the hall whilst playing music quietly whilst people are eating or have the music up loud, depending on preference.

Those are few tips on how to make a small banquet look large. Hopefully, they will help you if you do decide on having a banquet.