Fake Location

Setting Up Your Fake Location in Google Chrome

If you are running your online business then probably you have noticed that there are some websites which are only accessible for certain fake location therefore, in this blog we will guide you how to spoof your fake location in Google Chrome.

Please note that in case, if you are using Wi-Fi, don’t forget to close your Bluetooth and if you are using LAN, close both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

For Linux users: to avail the best protection against location leaking, connect to the VPN. Also, while configuring Chrome’s settings or for third party Chrome extension.

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Spoof Your Location with the ExpressVPN Browser Extension

All those sites which use HTML5 are able to find your location. Even if there is VPN still they can see your location.

In order to protect yourself from this situation you can use spoof your location inside Google Chrome with the use of ExpressVPN browser extension. This ExpressVPN Chrome extension is accessible for both PC and Mac.

Spoof Your Location Via Chrome’s Settings + VPN

This option is for Linux users. The first step that you can take is connect the location you want through VPN.

  1. Select the location you want to spoof to for example TOKYO.
  2. Link your expressVPN app to your desired location.
  3. In Chrome, Press Ctrl+Shift + I (Windows) or Cmd + option + I (Mac) to open Chrome developer tools.
  4. Press Esc, then select the Sensors option in the left sidebar.

Fake Location

Now, open a new tab and search the longitude and latitude that matches to the VPN location you have chosen above. Search the location then copy the matches.

Fake Location

Now come back to the developer tools and insert the matches you found.

Then Refresh the page, for check location which has been changed.

How to Spoof Your Location with a third-party Chrome Plugin + VPN

Decide the location you want to spoof to:

Connect your ExpressVPN app to the selected location

In Chrome, don’t forget to visit Chrome web store and include the location guard extension for your Chrome browser.

When installation is done, now click at the icon representing Location guard extension in your browser.

Now, select the options and please remember that this will open all the options in a new tab.

Click at “Fixed Location” which is mentioned at the left-hand side menu bar.

Slog the location marker to match the VPN location you selected above.

Now let’s return to the web-page you want to access. Refresh the page and click the Location Guard extension icon in your browser.

Select Set level for [web page name].

Choose the Use fixed Location  and close the extension menu.