How to Track My Phone

If you have lost your phone and you have no idea where you lost it then knowing how to find a lost phone will be a lifesaving option for you. Fortunately, there are various ways to find a lost Android or iPhone.

There are many apps that can help you find your lost phone and this guide will exactly show the process through which you can track your lost phone. In case, if your phone is switched off or out of battery then this would not work for you.

Your device should be battery powered and connected to the internet to be tracked.

Here are the following step and process for how to Track My Phone and Trick to Find Your Lost android and Iphone.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

To find your stolen or lost Android device, you can simply download an app from Play store named “Find My Device”. This app gives you many options when your device gets lost. With this app you can ring, lock and erase your device. Also, in case, if your phone number gets powered off, you can check its location history through which you will be able to track the last reported location. To do this, you can visit and tap on Manage Activity Under Location History.  By doing this, you will be able to see a map of locations on which your phone has been traveled during your specified time period. Here, you can also see the last reported location of your phone before the power off.

How to Find a Lost iPhone

You can easily locate your iPhone by using an app named “Find My iPhone” but don’t forget to setup this app on your iPhone before losing it. tap on the Setting > iCloud > Scroll down and enable Find My iPhone. Aslo, don’t forget to turn on the option below because this will help you get the last location of your iPhone when it was switch on.

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You are required to activate the location service for this app, you can activate it just go to Settings> Privacy> Location Service. Once, you are done with setting up the app, you will get two options for tracking the lost device and mobile. In the first place, you can use Find My IPhone App on other Apple device in order to locate your device.


Also, you can sign up your account via desktop browser at and click at Find my iPhone.

In case, if you are using more than one Apple devices then select the misplaced device only.