Improve Your Organic Keyword Rankings

SEMRush is a software which helps digital marketers and provide them with the relevant metrics about their completion on search engine result page.SEMrush consider best keywords research tools for seo site audit.

It gives you a detailed data about any of your competitor’s website that has been ruling internet for some time. By using SEMRush, you can obtain any sort of data including website traffic, backlinks, competitors, organic search traffic, paid search traffic and more.

All you need to do is enter your competitor’s URL or domain in the search bar and SEMRush will provide you all the necessary data including important backlinks reports, expected search volume for targeted keywords, site’s outbound links, competitor’s ppc advertising prospects etc.

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How to Perform Competitor Keyword Research

SEMRush is a perfect tool for keyword research, there are number of bloggers who are new in this field and don’t have an idea about how to start and what to write.

This is exactly the time when one can use SEMRush because it helps you in finding someone else’s keyword and enables you to see what is working for other people.

You can start your competitor keyword research all you need to do is enter the URL of your required website and under the organic research click the number of keywords to monitor them. You can filter those keywords on the basis of several factors like trend, competition, CPC and traffic volume.

How to Analyze Search Position with SEMRush

One of the most important information is position or ranking of your site pages. You can check this information for both you and your competitor’s website. You can click again at search positions, in this way you will see a graph and data, this data will be presented in format mentioned below.

  • Keyword
  • The keyword which takes the users on the web from Google search
  • Position
  • The position that domain holds in Google SERPs, for the period stated- previous position
  • mentioned in brackets
  • Volume
  • The average volume of monthly search keywords over the past 12 months
  • CPC
  • The average price that has been paid by the advertisers for each click in Google Adwords
  • URL
  • It shows the URL of the stated domain in the search result for the particular keyword
  • Traffic
  • It shows the percentage of the traffic for the stated domain on that keyword
  • Cost
  • It represents the total estimated cost of the site advertising for that specific keyword
  • Com 
  • Com represents the density of the keyword through which you get to know that how
  • much competition is there for each keyword.
  • Result
  • It shows the Google results for that keyword in organic search. It also helps you to
  • know the number of URLs listed for a search using that keyword.
  • Trend
  • Trend tells you about the popularity for the use of keyword
  • SERP source
  • It provides a screenshot of search engine results page of the targeted keyword
  • Last update
  • The date when keywords were updated.

Competitor’s Backlink Analysis

To keep an eye on your competitor’s keywords is not enough therefore, you also need to be well-informed about your competitor’s backlinks. When you click on the number of backlinks this tool will provide you with all the necessary data about your competitor’s backlink.

This is exactly how you can search the backlinks of your competitors. Moreover, you can also reform the sources to create quality backlinks for your blog as well.

Boost Your Organic Rankings

SEMRush can help you boost your organic ranking, SEMRush can provide you with some great tools like keywords position tracking with proper site audit.

 How SEMRush Can Help You?

SEMRush can help you for various purposes and some the great advantages of this tool are given below;

  • >It helps you know about your competitor’s keywords and backlinks
  • >You can search the high volume keyword
  • >It finds out the best niche for your blog
  • >It gives you a set of great tools for competition analysis
  • >SEMRush can search the high CPC keywords
  • >It can be used as the perfect SEO audit for your blog.