Using SEMRush To Reverse Engineer  Competitor’s Most Profitable Keywords

There are many SEO techniques that can be used organically and help you in building a competitor analysis tools website that can rank against your online rivals with seo site audit. There is another way that can help you rank at your best with real data and key terms with SEMrush

For this purpose, there is a most reliable and most recommended service called SEMRush through which you can find competitive data results.

In case, if someone is dominating you then surely you can outrank your competitor by intensely keeping an eye on your rival’s strategy. By doing this you can get a better idea about how your competitors rank so well.

In order to help you we are presenting a step-by-step guide about how you can reverse these results for your brand’s benefit.

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  1. Implement SEMRush Test On Your Competitor

For example, if you are running a business of cocktails, your biggest competition may be drinks mixers, but there is still a gap and you can fill it by coming up with a better plan for your smaller niche that attracts a particular audience to view your page. See this image for few key details

Once we have put the URL in the domain, now you can see some important things. For example, the organic search shows 28.1K traffic. Out of that they are ranking for 1.5K keywords. Moreover, you can also see their budget for the traffic which is almost $44.1K. Also, just at the right side you can see the amount of backlinks which is 1.6K. When you type it without http://,the results will be different and will show full range of traffic and cost over time.

This is a desktop point of view so be sure that mobile sites will be having a complete different result. They can provide you with a good insight about what you can expect while dealing with your competition. Moreover, don’t forget that bigger sites have more backlinks.

  1. Find The Exact Keyword In Organic Research

This is the time when you need to find out the strongest keywords that rank your competition. See the image below for some keywords which are ranking for Drinksmixer.

Now you can see that the cost per click for these specific keywords are very high. For example, you have certain different keywords including vodka and Gatorade as top key terms these are high priced because of their specific nature.

The great thing is that you can alter the cost per click to estimate the things which are low or medium priced. In case of a powered site like DrinksMixers, it would be good to adapt their technique but add some different twist on it.

  1. How It Affects Your Site’s Plan

It’s true that everyone wants to dominate the market while maintaining their own identity but watching the rules that make your competitors leading in the market will never go wrong.

For example, if you are standing in the middle but still you want to generate more traffic to your page. Focus your competitor’s strategy and find the trends for a specific month.

The last section of the picture mentioned above, shows a trending section to inform you about how the traffic either fell or rise up in time. In this data you can see the results that will show you the different keyword rankings for different time periods.