Kodi is an incredibly easy approach to watch and stream movies, TV shows and more and the best part about this service is now you can manage you add-ons for kodi by simply installing Fusion.

it offers an ideal viewing experience and enables you to opt from various add-ons, most of which allow you to browse multiple entertainment sources.

Kodi is not just an open source but it is legal too and so far almost 500 developers have worked to improve its features. Not only this, these developers also brought numerous add-ons which can help you to access countless streamed audios and videos.

Since, add-ons are very useful for the users but in order to manage them Fusion is a must have.

What Is Fusion?

Fusion is a source through which you can access the Kodi add-ons. By default, Kodi has few add-ons and these are not enough to show you the real entertainment world. These default add-ons even miss out few of the best including Exodus, Genesis and Elysium.

In order to access best add-ons while making the most from Kodi’s features you must get Fusion.

How to Install Fusion On Kodi?

Enjoy best online streaming experience read on to learn how to install Fusion add-on manager on Kodi.

  1. Open Home Screen and select “System” > “File Manager”
  2. Now, Click on “add source” then a dialogue box will be openinstall fusion on kodi

In the text field that says “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations”, enter http://fusion.tvaddons.ag. Look for it in the upper part of the dialog box

  1. Now, look at the lower region of dialogue box, you will see a text box with a option “Enter a name for this media source”. Here add “Fusion”. Don’t forget to add a dot before writing fusion.
  2. Click ok to Confirm
  3. Go back to Home Screen and Navigate to “System”.
  4. Now you will see various options, choose “Add-ons” among these options.
  5. Click at Install from zip file
  6. Click at “Fusion” option on your right hand pane
  7. Go to folders inside “.fusion” and double-click a folder called “start -here”
  8. Now Choose “plugin.program.addoninstaller.zip” from “start here folder”.
  9. Let the zip file be downloaded and wait for a notification
  10. Go to Home Screen and select programs
  11. In Programs select “add-on installer”
  12. Double click at this selection and installer will run
  13. First time it will take few minutes to run and it will also create a data base. You are requested not to interrupt  during this process.
  14. Now you can choose from add-ons list.

These steps are explanatory but in real time they just take few seconds and let you use your favourite add-ons.

List of Some Popular Ad-ons You Can Use with Fusion

There is a list of some popular ad-ons you can enjoy with your Fusion installation:

  1. Exodus

Exodus is quite popular for its capabilities and allows you to easily access TV shows and movies. Many users believe that Exodus is their one-stop shop for streaming all their favorite entertainment content. Exodus searches through thousands of libraries which indicates that you can easily find whatever you want.

  1. Zen

Zen is very similar to Exodus but it contains a lot more settings and sections. It also has amazing features. One feature allows you to save your favourite movies in a section called “My List”. It allows access to various shows and also offers a server list to select from.

  1. UK Turk’s Playlists

It’s another ad-on which let you stream your favourite TV shows, movies, documentaries and more.  It comprises an attractive layout and its high usability is also a bonus. It doesn’t have any content list in fact, it lets you play your desired content directly.

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