Intel Brings Its Latest Core i9 Processors

Trends always come back again, but in the technology department we just wait for the latest upgrades than old trends. And, with this thought in mind, we have decided to give you a fresh breeze which is about the chip maker Intel intel processor core i9.

The latest news rolling out about Intel is that they just released its 8th Generation Intel core i9 intel processor for laptop computers targeting more than one category including mobile gamers, content creators and virtual reality supporters..

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What’s more to claim?? The best and the most enthralling fact about this intel processor is that it’s the fastest laptop processor Intel has ever assembled.

In addition to this news, we would like to surprise readers with another fact about Intel is that along with core i9 processor, the chip maker is also publicizing i5 and i7 laptop processors.

These i5, i7 and i9 processor features are incredible as they will be created on the company’s 14nm++ architecture referred as Coffee Lake platform. Also, this 14nm++ technology enable these processors to execute more than 41% of frames per second for gameplay and can edit 4 thousand videos with up to 59% faster speed than its previous version. However, overall, the 8th Gen Core i9 is 29 percent better in performance compared to the previous generation 7th Gen Core i7.

Moreover, it is the first mobile processor with 6 cores and 12 threads coming with complete unlocked features and latest Intel TVB which upraised the clock frequency up to 200 MHz when the processor is highly low and turbo power budget is accessible.