Intel New Vaunt Smartglasses

Finally, we are pleased to share that we are revealing how Intel smartglasses actually look like.

Earlier this year, it has been reported that soon Intel is going to sell its smartglasses and today we are revealing what technical details it comprises.

The Vaunt smartglasses is just like a normal pair of glasses which you can take on effortlessly anywhere.

They just do not serve with latest technology but you can also opt these Vaunt sunglasses to cater your fashion needs because it is available in various styles.

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The best part about these prototype glasses is that they utilize a low-power VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), it’s a red monochrome projector that reflects light over a holographic mirror and also contains gratings that helps to reflect the accurate wavelength. These gratings are fixed in order to reflect the light on user’s eye ball.

These experimental smartglasses also have Bluetooth to be connected with any Android phones or iPhones. What’s more? The compass, an accelerometer and an app processor is also built into this device.

Also, the user can get instant notifications and there will be no vibration or noise while receiving those notifications. User will automatically receive notification when something will be appearing in that particular area of their glasses. And, these notifications won’t be very noticeable for others. You don’t need to swipe or tap anything, simply control the notifications with the motion of your eye.

According to a report, these smartglasses are just a very basic thing to be launched however, like smartphones market Intel can expect much more from any other third parties. Still we can also only hope for the new changes and features any other inventor might like to add into such smartglasses.