A few people simply ooze creativity and do it rightfully, effortlessly positioning their fingers in various artistry pies. Liyv – Seattle based musician is blameworthy of a wonder such a thing, likewise moonlighting as an art director and a proficient illustrator (if you like impossibly lovely photographs of well-groomed plants we propose giving her Instagram #iamliyv). Prominently she has both an ear and eye for beautiful things.

‘Laser Eyes’ – is the most recent release of the artist songwriter, which is a sparkly pop song complete with brilliant saccharine vocals and clicks. The track comes with an appropriately peculiar music video which plays around with light, movement and colour, and is goodness so professionally dilettantish.

Liyv creates a magnificent music that sounds identical to bubble gum pink icicles; slick lively pop songs that dribble like melting candy. These tracks are kind of like what might as well be called a frosted jewel sweet (non-Brits, you’re passing up a great opportunity). All these similes may appear to be superfluous, however Liyv’s self-defined “pastel pop” truly fits itself to fancy visuals of visual imagery, repetition, conjured up by her use of vocal samples, and synthed-up drumming (think glittery glockenspiel clamors).

Maybe you are beginning to accept this is simple breezy plain old convivial content, however be careful. It’s that pop songs can be deceptively sugary, if Hanson taught us anything, there is a more serious meaning behind the verses (if you don’t know what I’m on about R.E. Hanson, look up the lyrics to “MMMBop” and have your life changed). In Liyv’s own particular words, her track “”Little Fox” sounds provoking and perky yet is a genuine reaction to being wronged in a poisonous relationship”, while “”Feeling Like Me” is the melody I wish higher school me could have known I’d be composing two years later”.

The last track is a reflection, maybe, on the time it takes to fabricate self-assurance and acknowledgment for your identity, additionally the quality that leaves doing as such; a sentiment solace that is reflected in the languorous song. Other melodies are more clearly with their theme, (for example, the carefully titled “You’re Not Going To Ruin My Life”), however one thing remains consistent: whimsical and imaginative alternative pop of a lustrous genre.