iPhone Battery Health check

iPhone Battery Health Check

Apple has proven its promise to be true and now it’s all set to embrace you with a new screen that is iOS 11.3 beta 2. This new iphone battery health feature is available on all iPhones.

This iOS 11.3 update is under beta testing and now it is handed over to the developers with iOS 11.3 beta 2. However, today we are revealing how it will look like.

No worries, if your phone has a reduced battery which can lead to the throttling issues, your iphone battery health section will let you know about everything.

This section will also provide you with an option to turn off performance management to stop anything that is involving in throttling.

You can check your iphone battery status just go to settings app (Settings > Battery > Battery Health) a new battery health feature will update you about the battery performance.

Iphone Battery Health

What Will Happen When You Will Be Installing iOS 11.3?  

On the first installation of iOS 11.3 update, all the enabled performance management features will be disabled itself. So, at the first installation you are not required to do anything since performance management would be turned off.

However, you are required to keep an eye on for the sudden shutdown that will turn your device off and in this case, if you have a low battery then performance management will be turned on.

What Will Happen If Your Battery Will Run Normally?

When your iPhone will be running normally under the peak performance capability (peak performance capability is a section that will let you know about if your performance is getting slow due to the battery). Although, if your battery is running normally still it might be degrading after some time but throttling will not appear until severe battery degrading that will lead you power off and will no longer support your spikes in processor usage.

Iphone Battery Health issues

 What Will Happen If You Are Having A Bad Battery?

In case, if you are dealing with a bad battery then it will inform you that your battery’s health is degraded and it will also tell you that an Apple Authorized Service Provider will replace the battery to restore maximum performance.

Iphone Battery Replacement

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