Now the developer of Tweak installer is working to bring out the similar experience for macOS. It has been confirmed by the developer syto203 that he was working with another developer of Tweak installer in order to offer him the original software’s wine port.

Also, this original Tweak installer software put together for Windows users by a developer who was willing to produce a quick and effective way for jailbroken device to install tweaks to the devices without the presence of Cydia.

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Also, Tweak installer app is expected to combat certain issues that are related to the process of liberation. The tweak installer app, helps to eliminate manual legwork caused by user by providing them a facility to quickly SSH into device for the purpose of installing the. deb files of well-matched jailbreak tweaks.

Tweak Installer Released for mac

When tweak installer was releasing, it was just offering a platform experience for just windows but it was launched with a promised future version for macOS and Linux. Still it’s not sure if the original developer had a plan in his mind but the new release is exactly has a unification with the original creator.

It’s important to note that anyone who aims to give this a try should understand that it is very early in the development and also very much considered to be a beta product. The developer has highlighted a number of known issues which can result in the software crashing or providing a negative experience. For that reason, it’s probably valuable being aware that the port exists but taking a patience stance on when you actually use it.