LiberiOS v11.0.3

Now it’s easy to Download LiberiOS iOS 11.x.x jailbreak to 11.0.3 version. You can install it in the form of latest IPA file.

The official updated file has been released by Jonathan Levin and the best part is that this file is supporting all the iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touch devices.

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This is also reported that the previous versions of LiberiOS which were alive on the Liven’s website will go together with the latest release. This initiative is taking place just to support any unpredicted bugs with the new release.

If you still find yourself unclear about what is happening in the world of jailbreaking then keep in mind, LiberiOS is among few public iOS 11.x.x jailbreaks which are able to use the exploit found and published by Ian Beer of Google’s project zero.

Levin’s LiberiOS IPA is compatible for almost every device running on iOS 11 through to 11.1.2. And definitely it’s a part of the QiLin jailbreak toolkit project that has been released back in 2017.

Also, the LiberiOS version 11.0.3 has been officially released and out on its official website, the download links are also available with important release notes.

According to Lavin, version 11.0.3 is equipped with fixes for odd use cases which I never run into, which, by means, “according to Levin”, are most notably FAT self-signed.”

He further added that his latest release is like “diamond solid” and while giving attention to his skillset, he said that version of LiberiOS will not less than above board.

If you are an Apple user than you can also get the latest 11.0.3 IPA  here at the official site with all the improvements and changes.