When it comes to digital imaging, two file formats are most commonly known one is JPEG and other is obviously PNG file format. In this blog, we will cover two of the most popular file format options and will let you know which format offers better image quality.

Before starting in detail, first we will explain you “what is JPEG” and “what is PNG’, let’s have a look to know a bit more about these two image file formats.

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What Is JPG?

JPG has another name Jay-Peg, initially it was launched in the year, 1992 by photographic experts group. This joint group realized that there should be some solution against sending larger photographic files and hence they come up with this format that make large photographic files smaller and helps to share them easily.

However, keep in mind that you must comprise a bit image quality when you choose JPG file format because it permanently removes specific redundant information but still it enables you to share small file size than PNG.

JPG is a perfect option to use when a small file is needed, it is also very useful for web images since, smaller sized images support quick page loads.

What Is PNG?

PNG file format typically known as Portable Network Graphics, usually read loud as “ping”. This format was innovated in the mid of 1990’s and it was considered as the replacement for the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). The benefit of PNG file format is that unlike JPG, it supports transparency and when transparency is much needed then you must opt for the PNG format. In addition, PNG format is lossless compression file format, this format can be used specifically for storing line drawings, text and iconic graphics at a small file size.

Which Option Is Better?

Both PNG and JPG file formats are very good but as we have completely describe their specifications, it’s better to think about your requirements and then choose. In short, neither the image format is better than the other. It’s simply the matter of which one is better suited to your requirements.