Trick How you can Record your Android Screen with Youtube app

Recording Android screen with youtube gaming app has been a favorite practice of gamers and that’s the reason that made us show how you can be the next streaming sensation.

Everyday people are becoming well-paid internet personalities because they play well and show their gaming skills with live game streaming through YouTube gaming app.

You can reach YouTube’s gaming platform which is available at This platform mainly emphasis on live video game streaming.

Some Major Guide as Your Reference:

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youtube gaming app is yet not receiving a large number of audience like Amazon’s Twitch TV but it has some extra unique features which are great for everyone not just for professional gamers.

There are also some more interesting facts of YT like it allows you to do a quick live stream from both your desktop and mobile phone. What’s more?? Well its goodness doesn’t stop here, in fact while recording your gameplay YouTube gaming app enables you to record screencasts of any of your Android phone app.

How Can I Record Screencasts On Android With YouTube?

Just to push you in a more sustainable direction here, we are revealing a quick guide about how to make screencasts on your Android phone via the youtube gaming app. But, Before really getting into an action, let us show you that there are some right tools like Separate screencasting apps which are full of features but YT Gaming is more performing as it can let you live stream your phone on to YouTube just by a single tap.

In addition, YT gaming app is free and contain zero advertisements. Now let’s discover the whole process;

Download YT gaming app on your Android device and tap to Go live button. You have the choice to directly go live or you may record screencasts first. Recording your screencast first will help you to edit your YouTube video for the upload.

Now, moving towards the next screen you will find “Select an Android App” that you would wish to stream. Now in this step, you will get more of the apps list that belong from gaming category but you can select the “All apps” links to screencast any app that’s already installed into your Android device.

During this entire session, the recorder will stream your every action even the notifications you are receiving. The recorder will also record your speaker’s audio and surrounding sounds which you can mute with an option to mute microphones.  You can also turn off your front camera in case, if you don’t want it to be working during your recording session.

Once you are done with recording, now you can pull down your notification bar and click to stop recording. Now, this is exactly when you can make basic edits to your video before uploading it on to YouTube. For example, you can change your surroundings audio with any attractive background music or you may add some fun effects into your video. Here it’s done and dusted and now you are complete ready to share your big thing with the world.