How to Remove Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak From Your iPhone and iPad

Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak

There was a time when Electra was considered only for tweak developers but users also install it into their iPhones or iPads and this resulted several issues. To help you against all those hitches, here is a quick step-by-step guide for removing or uninstalling electra from your devices.

Why Does Electra Have Bugs and Glitches?

Jailbreaking is out of control but the thing that is notable is that Electra toolkit is not for jailbreaking but just for iOS development.

Even Electra toolkit developer has clearly mention that electra was intended to be used only by tweak and theme developers for testing purposes.

In addition, Electra is still in the beta development phase which means there must be errors and bugs because beta development phase much likely contain few errors and glitches.

But all thanks to Coolstar, who has put forward a complete uninstall bash script. Using this script, you can completely remove this application from your device including the associated themes and Anemone. Moreover, this bash script also de-injects entire patches and exploits of your device.

In case, if you have also installed this tool kit in your device then here is a quick rundown which will help you uninstall it from your iPhone.

How to Remove Electra from iOS 11?                                                                                   

Before you begin this process, make sure to remove all the jailbreak apps and tweaks on your device using Cydia. In case, if you are going to futurerestored your existing firmware then do not use this method.

However, if you are using windows then you need three things for this process:

  1. Cyberduck or a similar FTP app
  2. Delectra script
  3. puTTY

Step 1

Head to Cyberduck and form a new connection to your iOS device through clicking the open connection button

Step 2

Choose SFTP connection type and insert the IP address of the device you are unjailbreaking. You can simply find this in the Wi-Fi settings app option of your device.

Remove Electra from iOS 11

Step 3

Enter “root” as username and “alpine” as password. Use this password if you haven’t changed it at some point.

How to Remove Electra from iOS 11

Step 4

Click connect, means you are allowing the process.

Step 5

Drag the script into the Cyberduck window and allow the file transfer. Once complete, you’re done with Cyberduck.

Step 6

Now start puTTy and enter your iOS device’s IP address in the Host name field. Don’t forget to select SSH as connection type and click on “open” and “yes” on every popup appear on screen.

Why Does Electra Have Bugs and Glitches?

Step 7

Now, you will receive an SSH terminal, linked to your iOS device all you have to do is just run your unjailbreak script.

Step 8

In the PuTTY window, type “bash ./” and Enter. This will start the script.

Step 9

Follow all the instruction appearing in the window and press Enter. Enter your PIN on your iOS device at least once using this method.

Step 10

Once your iOS device has restarted, you should be jailbreak-free. Delete the Electra app and you’re all done!

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