Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung lovers, this time, here is something big for you to set your mind for the next purchase, because we are quickly detailing the S9 active specs leak, this means you can now finally decide how much should you expect from your Samsung Galaxy S9 Active.

According to a new Samsung leak, we now have a more clear specifications list for the upcoming Galaxy S9 device.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs

Read on to know about the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Active specs and get all the information about this new device including each and every feature. Here are the highlights of the current specs of Samsung Galaxy S9 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active “Battery”

The Samsung, is finally taking its bigger battery to the final form and according to various sources, this latest phone is coming with a massive 4,000mAh battery which means it really allows you to unleash the power of bigger battery. In addition, if we talk about the previous Samsung range then keep in mind that the standard Galaxy S9 had a battery of just 3,000mAh, while the Galaxy S9 Plus has a battery of 3,500mAh. Therefore, we might assume that this time the 4000mAh battery of Galaxy S9 could appear as the major leap for the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active “Body Shape”

There is no doubt that this upcoming model is one of the best looking phone Samsung has ever offered. The S9 active just ditched the slightly curved design as compare to the previous Samsung S8. It comprises a more flat display with thicker design features for added strength. It’s not enough, to fight against the unexpected drops, there are full cushioned corners to support major falls.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active “Display”

When it comes to display, the S9 active is slightly similar to the S9, comprising a flat display, ditching the curved one. It also got a huge 5.8-ich super AMOLED display and resolution is 1440 x 2960 pixels. It has also contains a sharp pixel density i.e. 568ppi. There is another reason to get your hands on this upcoming model and that’s definitely its IP rating of 68, which means you can keep your phone with you on any adventure. It is equipped with protection from water, dirt and grime.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active “Hardware”

For all the Hardware lovers, there is a good news, S9 Active is featuring a 4GB of RAM plus 64 gigs of internal storage. It also comprise other Hardware features, listed below;

  1. MicroSD card slot for higher storage
  2. 4000mAh Battery
  3. Powered by Samsung’s Latest Exynos 9810 processor

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active “Camera”

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active is featuring a rare camera of 12MP with a variable F1.5/F2.4 aperture for brighter environments and low light scenes. Also, its camera allows you to capture enough light when it is needed.

Final Verdict

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active is expecting to be a successful model of the year 2018. However, Chances are we might get some more leaks regarding this device but for now all we have is what we showed. Also, there are chances that Samsung Galaxy S9 active may hit the market anytime soon this year’s summer.