Step By Step Guide to Using SEMRush 30 Days Free Trial

Still if you are missing out using SEMRUSH then you are actually dropping number of PPC and SEO opportunities which can bring lots of sales, traffic and leads for your website and it’s consider best keyword research tools for seo site audit.

To help our readers, this post will focus on understanding how to use SEMRush. Our ultimate step-by-step guide will help you navigate the competitive SEO and PPC landscape 2017.

SEMRush is undoubtedly the most desired SEO tool for top internet marketers. Internet marketers nowadays relying on SEMRush and it is for a reason. SEMRush provides a quick overview on your competitor’s search engine optimization and pay per click advertising strategies.

How To Use SEMRush?

Here is how you can use SEMRush, firstly, when you login, you will find a search box. You are supposed to enter your desired domain and the version of Google you want to use.

Right now, we will only focus on analyzing the web instead of explaining keyword research. SEMRush can also be effectively used for the comparison of two sites including your competitor’s site or even your own site.

SEMRush will offer you a drop-down menu through which you can analyze any Google region. Once, you are done with this step you will find an initial overview screen that will display a number of reports relating to your chosen URL.

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How To Explore Search Positions With SEMRush

Information including the ranking or positions of your site pages is very important. With SEMRush you can easily analyze the position of your site or your competitor’s site, all you need is just click at the option “positions”.

If you don’t know that how many of your keywords are ranking at the top of the Google search results then SEMRush can assist you for tracking all of your keywords. It creates a list that contains all the keywords at one place and helps you check their positions whenever you sign in your SEMRush pro account.

 How To Check Backlink With SEMRush

Since, backlinks can get more organic traffic for your website therefore, they are considered as an important factor. For example, if you have a new blog and you are willing to increase your search traffic, you can simply boost your traffic by tapping more backlink opportunities.

A lot of backlink checker tools failed to provide you with accurate results because most of them are free and therefore, they are not updated frequently.

If you are still using the old backlink checker tool then this is the right time to switch towards SEMRush. SEMRush is an updated marketing tool which helps you to analyze the links of any website that you enter.

SEMRush offers you accurate data and enables you to discover the link building strategy. The benefit that you can get by knowing who is linking to your favourite blog or competitor’s website is that you may also reach those links and ask them to link your sites as well keywords research.

In order to use SEMRush pro free account for tracking backlinks, all you need to do is enter your competitor’s website URL in the backlink section on SEMRush. Once you are all done with this, SEMRush will give you the details of page score.

Final Thought About SEMrush Review 2017 And SEMrush Free Trial

SEMRush is a brilliant tool which allows you to find your competitors best advertising strategies, performing keywords that can bring traffic and the relevant sources of their backlinks.

If you are an online blogger or marketer then SEMRush is a necessary tool for you and will completely assist you to better know your competitors along with the perfect keywords research.

Moreover, SEMRush 14 days free trial allows you to do competitors analysis with complete ease. So, claim your free 14 days trial now and make the most of it before the offer expires.