This Is How A VPN Can Secure Your Online Activities On Android
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Secure Your Online Activities On Android

Why do high dignitaries carry a security protocol via VPN? Or carry small firearms as for house defense? I’m sure the answer is obvious to protect them from unwanted physical threats. Same goes in the digital world. A risk is a risk whether it is face to face or  over your Facebook messenger chat.

While working online, you’ll encounter unlimited hidden threats waiting for you to fall into their trap so they can penetrate your online activities and use them against you. It’s a common practice of asking the WIFI password sitting in a café or connecting to a free one. For the limited pleasure of online connection, you open doors to numerous hackers waiting for the opportunity to get your credentials, passwords and private information.

Unlike the iOS, the Android software is vulnerable to threats and hacks. iOS uses end to end encryption in its devices and messaging apps making it withstand strong hacks. That’s not the case in the Android.

Most of all if you are using internet  on your Android device then that’s a major bummer. Does that mean we should avoid being online? In a fast-moving digital world, going back to the Stone Age era just to feel safe will be justified?

No. What you need is a security protocol. Like the armed men in black SUVs? Something more robust than that. A VPN.

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Let’s see how a VPN secures your online activities on Android.

  1.    Online Anonymity

Surfing online can be a risky task; there is a chance that your activities will be monitored by the agencies since the digital world is rife. By using a VPN, your Android device can be from a fool’s paradise to haven in the matter of connection. The VPN will switch your IP address to that of remote countries.

By doing that all your traffic will go through the designated IP address and your real IP address will be masked giving you complete anonymity online and being safe from unwanted tracking.

  1.    Bypass blocked websites

It’s a bummer that many of us can’t watch Netflix being outside the US and multiple websites that are geo-based. A VPN allows you to quickly access these websites by changing your IP address to that of the Country’s website you want to unblock.

In China, the firewall is immensely strong and multiple websites are blocked. If you are traveling there, then there is a chance you won’t be able to  check your emails and other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Also, you might not access any product related to the most used search engine Google. In a gist, your business trip would turn to complete isolation.

A VPN will easily allow you to access all these websites in a matter of seconds by switching your IP address to that of your home countries.

  1.    Use Public WIFIs

Free WIFI is a blessing due to the verge of Net Neutrality in the digital age. Using Public WIFIs mentioned at the start is a blessing as well as a significant threat. A short times happiness could lead to devastation. Many of us do banking transactions on free public WIFIs which is like giving your house keys to a random stranger.

For that, a VPN is essential for your Android device. Unlike the iOS-Android does not support high-end encryption but a VPN will give you military-grade encryption levels up to 256 bit AES.

A click of a button and your Android device will secure all your online activities.

  1.    Provide Ad and Tracker Blocking

Some of the VPNs allow you to enjoy this option which is quite essential. These VPNs offer a built-in ad, tracker, and malicious malware blocker. Multiple browsers have the facility to provide plenty of ad-blocking possibilities, but the configuration process is a mess and requires hard thoughts and time. Same goes for Android devices but rare.

With the ad-blocker right at your doorstep built into the VPN, you’ll be able to view lesser ads and most important fewer targeted ads based on your preference. Ad blocking is handled on DNS level, but the VPN does it automatically for you. These ads check your cache through google and send you those ads built on your viewership.

i.ea VPN is a savior in blocking ads online and restricts Google to market targeted ads.


Android being a popular software among the smartphone industry faces multiple threats when online surfing is concerned. It’s not as solid in terms of protection as iOS, which is why a VPN is essential and should be used religiously.

Just as you don’t skip your breakfast, same way use VPN as a part of your routine to secure your online activities on Android.

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