Colour Matching.

Finding clothes to wear can be hard enough, let alone trying to find clothes that match. Choose the main colour you wish to go with and break it up with other colours around it. Blacks, Greys and Whites seem to match with any colour, so use them to break it up. If that be black jeans or white shoes just to cut the clash of colours up.

The “in” Colours.

The colour trends seem to change all the time and depend on the person, at this current point in time, pastel colours are in. These include cream and beige; baby pinks and blues. To break this up people tend to use again, whites, blacks, greys and khaki seem to be a hugely popular colour right now.


Big and chunky frames on glasses have made the major comeback in recent times, these being the new in style and fashion statement, not only for teens but for adults too.

Using glasses like these as part of fashion allows you to change your type of look. You can get them to match the clothing colour or just use them to turn you into a cute, nerdy looking person. Using glasses like these will help brighten up your whole look. They can be used as either formal wear or casual wear.

Big Boots.

Footwear again can be tricky and again it depends on the person wearing them. One thing is for certain, though, timberland style boots are trendy right now and are extremely popular. Skinny jeans being the thing to wear for males and females, these boots match them perfectly. but not only do they go with jeans, for women they also go with leggings too. This making them a sure choice for footwear. They are not just popular with females, they are also a huge fashion statement for males too.

A Basic Vest.

A basic vest is not just an item of clothing but also a fashion accessory too, something your teen should have. Black and white vests being the most popular, not only the and you wear them in the summer but the winter too. They are ideal for the summer and hot weather as in most cases they are loose, this allowing you to keep cool and catch a tan at the same time, they are also amazing for the winter too. Keeping a vest on underneath your winter clothing can help keep you warm when out in the cold. Being able to match these with jeans and shorts for males and females make them an important item in every male and female wardrobe.

These are just a few tips on the modern-day fashion, if you follow these tips you can be sure that you will not go wrong, your wardrobe will be looking great in no time.