How to Edit PDF File

Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

In the early 90’s the PDF file format was created by Adobe and today it is considered as the most reliable format for exchanging all types of documents including presentations, CAD drawings, invoices, government forms and other legal documents.

PDF files are much more reliable we are saying this and it is for a reason. The reason behind the popularity of PDF file is that they are comparatively smaller than source document and keeps the originality of the content.

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On the other hand, PDF files are not easily modified and that’s what protect your content from being copied. These PDF files support both your computer and mobile phones and you can access them anywhere, anytime on any device.

PDF Files are no doubt a great way to exchange documents but sometimes many of you might encounter a situation in which you need to edit your PDF files. In this blog, we will help you discover the way how to edit PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.

Why You Should Edit PDF Files?

Editing a PDF file is a bit tricky process even one can easily destroy a document if he has no knowledge of this process. Mostly, PDF files are used for on-screen viewing and that’s why they are considered as the accurate representation of a document. However, in case, if your document has grammatical errors or spelling mistakes then this is where you need to revise or edit your documents.

Free PDF Editing Tools

PDF files are by default “read only” but fortunately there are ways to modify PDF document for free without having the source files or commercial PDF editing tools. We are featuring online tools which will help you alter the actual contents of a PDF document.

Use Online PDF Editor

You can simply rely on some online PDF Editors for the purpose of editing basic things. These basic things might include hiding your contact number or annotation of a page. You can easily do these little edits with editors like “”. It’s an online free PDF editor which allows you to edit Password-protected PDF documents in the browser.

With this tool, you can hide different parts of the PDF file through whiteout tool and add annotations using custom shapes. Keep in mind that we are just hiding the PDF content so it becomes invisible from beneath.

Alter Metadata of PDF Files

You can change the metadata of your PDF document using “Becy PDFMetaEdit” this tool is free and lets you edit PDF properties including Author name, title, keywords etc. What’s more? You can also use this tool for removing PDF passwords and it’s not enough you can also use it to encrypt your PDF document so only users who know the password can read your files.

Edit PDF File Text

Here is your best way to edit the text of your PDF file. All you need to do is convert your PDF file into Excel spread sheet or Word document depending on your data. Now, edit your converted PDF in Microsoft office or Google Docs and export these updated files back into PDF format using any PDF writer.

These were some basic tools that will help you edit your PDF files. If you want to know more about tools, tips and techniques keep reading our posts and find the hottest technical topics and let yourself explore every latest update.