Google Reverse image search is a latest option that you can try on Google search engine. This latest feature is amazing as it allows you to instantly find different sizes of images you are having in your desktop.

Google reverse image search also helps image creators to know who is currently using their image. One thing that is mentionable, or may be many of you already know that this feature is only accessible for desktop computers and it doesn’t support mobile devices.

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Reverse Image Search on Mobile Devices

In this blog, we will help you know about how to reverse image search on your mobile phone. So let’s read on to better use this feature on your mobile device.

  1. Go to from your mobile browser
  2. Now tap the three vertical dot menu just at the top right corner and select “Desktop Site”. This will refresh your page and will allow you to see the Camera icon in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the camera icon, now you will find two options;
  • Paste image URL
  • Upload an image

Use first option if you want to know the details of an online image. Use the link to find out similar images.

Use second option if you want to find similar images of your file (image).

  1. You can choose the option “upload an image” to search the images from your devices. The google reverse image will start searching the most relevant images from Google’s image database and you will find the most pertinent and similar results of your required image.