Full screen Iphone x

As soon as the Apple launches the iPhone x, a boatload of problems arrived for the users who use apps that are unlikely to receive updates.

Like we have seen, when first plus-sized iPhone was introduced, developers were required to update their apps to make sure that they have fully used additional screen space made available for them.

The same situation raised with the iPhone X, if you will rely on a app which is not updated to support latest hardware then you will suffer unless you’re jailbroken.

If you are tired of using apps on your new $999 phone which is unable to fill that OLED display then you may check out FullScreenX.

It is available for free or can be downloaded from Cydia, this tweak is helpful for taking non-optimized apps and make them work in all their full-screen glory on an iPhoneX.

Full Screen iPhone X Support For Any iOS App

After installing it, users are required to activate FullScreenX with flipping one toggle and then restart their device. This is exactly where all the previous apps that used to fill part of the screen will do what their developers want them to do-run fill screen.

Of course this is completely great, but in case, if you are not using a jailbroken device then you are out of luck because you have to wait for a longer time or some apps will never receive an update to add full-screen iPhone X support.

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