Twitter Has Officially Expanded Character Count for Roman-Alphabet Users

Finally, Twitter is all set to expand its character limit for all the users and this new change will be rolling out today. back in September, the company had proclaimed their plan about expanding character limit from 148 to 280 in order to allow their users to express their thoughts without getting troubled by insufficient room to tweet.

At that time, this character expansion was only available to a limited group of twitter users as a trial.

This character expansion will be a good addition for the Twitter users since it will encourage users to tweet more easily and more often. However, users who belong from other languages including Chinese, Korean and Japanese will continue to be limited to 140 characters.

Before this expanded character count, only 9% of tweets composed in English hit the character limit. This indicated that Twitter users were consuming too much time in editing their tweet before hitting the send button.  Due to this issue, some of the tweets not being sent. So, the expanded character count will sort out this dilemma (said Aliza Rosen, Twitter’s product manager).

She also said that “Since we saw that tweets hit the character limit less often, we believe that now users will spend less time in editing their tweets in the composer”.


She said that this expanded space will help users and easily fit their thoughts in a single tweet. It will help people to express whatever they want and send tweets faster than before.

Moreover, according to the Twitter’s product manager this new change will not affect the user’s experience, majority of the users will not exceed the character limit more than 190.  She told that tweets that comprise an image or poll usually consume more space in a timeline that is 190 characters long.

Here, is what Aliza Rosen has tweeted about this character limit expansion.

Moreover, CEO Jack Dorsey also expressed his thoughts’ about this new change of Twitter’s character limit.

However, the over goal of this new change was to provide an ease to the users while expressing their selves without effecting the speed and brevity of the Twitter.

The main idea of expanded character limit was to make social media platform more accessible and attractive. Also, Twitter is expecting to increase revenue and will attract new users.

Initially, Twitter management was afraid and they thought that timelines may fill upto 280 character tweets but later on they observed that people still using the same limit as they previously did. People started to compose their tweets more than 180 characters but that was just initial after sometime, the behavior of users got normalized and now people are composing their tweets with 180 character limit. This new feature can better help brands to be promoted efficiently.

Twitter users are taking this new change as a very positive step but there are also some people who are not satisfied and expecting few more big changes for the social media sites.