Advance Twitter Search Tricks to Get Your Business More Followers

Are you finding for the better ways to use your Twitter account? If yes then this blog will help you know everything about the Twitter’s advanced Twitter search option.

So, without wasting a single second, let us define you the power of Twitter search bar. No matter, you are looking for removing unwanted results from your Twitter search results or want to see some important searches, this guide will help you for everything related to twitte search.

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How to Ignore Search Results With Links

Usually, links are associated with ads when someone wants to sell his products to you, he may attach links. You can easily remove those links from your search results. To do this, when you type a query in your search bar just add this text at the end of your search query “? -filter:links.”

After this, when your search results will be displayed there will be automatically no links. All tweets that hold link will be removed from the list.

How to Ignore retweets

Removing retweets is a great way to make your twitter’s search more streamlined. Ignoring retweets will prevent your search results filling from useless retweets. Here is how to remove retweets from your search results just enter “rt at the end of your search term.

Find the “Top” search results in Time

Whenever you search anything on twitter, it displays results with three category including “Top”, “All” and “People you follow”. All these categories offer good yet relevant information but choosing “TOP” search results, is the best way overall. The results that display in “Top source” are not selected by anyone, instead they are chosen by the algorithm that contains a list of the most popular twitter searches. This means, you can find the top searches instantly for any term you enter in the search bar.

How to Save Search Results

Not always but sometimes, you may need to save your searches because they can be useful for you. Also, you don’t have enough time to read each tweet properly therefore, saving your results might be very helpful and you could possibly read your favorite tweets later. By saving your favorite tweets, you can have a collection of your most desired tweets. Here is how to do it. Save results once they get showed by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner and select “save search”.

How to Search Tweets By Location

An easy and effective way to search tweets by location is to add the city name before your Twitter search term. You can also enter the query like this “near:phoenix, if you are searching in phoenix, Arizona.

How to Search for Images

If you are not the one who reads too much then probably this could be a fun way for you. you can view only shared photos in your search results, all you need to do is type your search term and then write “twitpic” just after your search query. You will only receive results with images of your required search term.