SEMRush Keyword Research Tool 



If you have been searching for an ideal tool that can do multiple tasks including keyword research, website traffic analysis,  tracking keyword ranking, checking backlinks, checking competitors ranking and a lot more then your search is over.

Let’s meet SEMRush your ultimate destination for an improved SEO performance. Often, keyword research gets problematic for SEO therefore, here we are presenting SEMRush keyword research tutorial.

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 WhaMt is SESEMRush?

Rush is an amazing SEO tool and its consider best keyword research tool that helps millions of users by offering an easy way to find what keywords your site or any other site is ranking for. SEMrush makes keyword research extremely easier than ever.

Let’s discover how you can do keywords research with SEMRush

  1. Make A List That Best Describes Your Product

This is the very basic step in which you will make a list of general keywords that describes your business or products. For example; if you are running a clothing business then your respective keywords could be shirts, hoodies, pants and etc.

  1. Insert Your Selected Keywords Into SemRush

Once you are done with a list of general keywords now this the time when your generic keywords will provide you a starting point to research new keywords.

 Now, you can navigate the keyword research section and click at overview. Once you are done with clicking the “overview” option you can type your listed keyword in the box and hit the SEARCH.

As soon as you hit the search, two more options will be appearing in the search box, one will indicate “keyword” and other will show the region.

After selecting your search engine location, you can again click on the search option. Now, it will show you various data for your generic keyword.

See this screen shot, in this example, the generic business is clothing and the generic keyword is t-shirts.

(Keyword overview report in SEMRush Would be exactly like the above image).

This report will provide you necessary information including organic search, paid research and trend same as it has shown in the above screen shot.

Organic Search

This section will be giving the complete information about organic traffic that has been received by your inserted keyword. Just below the organic search, you would see an option “Volume”. Volume will specifies the average monthly number of searches for the keyword whereas, number of results indicates that how many URLs compete for the same keyword.

Paid Search

This section is solely dedicated to show paid traffic data, it also provides you complete information about cost per click and competitor density.


Trend helps you to find monthly sharing of search volume for the keyword. This could be a unique tool for understanding the seasonality of keyword.

Phrase Match And Related Keywords Report

This part of the report is very important to consider, the phrase match keywords shows the variation of the related keywords that might be used by the customers for the potential product or service. Whereas, related keywords shows different keywords which relates to the main keyword.

To see full report, you can click at “view full report” just under phrase match keywords.

This full report will guide and provide you other information related to your selected keyword. You will be able to see the following factors of your selected keyword

  • Traffic Volume
  • Average CPC
  • Competition Density
  • Results
  • Trend.
  1. Find Keyword Difficulty

SEMRush offers keyword difficulty tool that enables you to find out the probability about how difficult it can be to take hold of competitor’s position in search ranking for a specific keyword.

Where to Find Keyword Difficulty Tool?

With SEMRush keyword density tool, you can find out the most competitive keywords through these keywords you can plan your future SEO strategy.

In order to find this tool, you can go back to tool section and click at the option “Keyword difficulty”.

Type your desired keyword into the keyword difficulty tool and click at “show difficulty”.

  1. Research Competitor’s Keywords

SEMrush offers a tool “Domain vs Domain” that will give you insights about competitive landscape in a glance.  This tool makes it easy to compare 3 domains and you can see both unique and common keywords for each domain.

How to Find Domai VS Domain

To use this tool, all you need is to go back to the tool section and click domain vs domain.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading this post, we hope this information will be useful for you and you can easily perform your keyword research with SEMRush. Right now you can avail SEMRush free 14 day trial, the price of this tool is very reasonable in front of the features it has.